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Welcome to Solarfilmco, the original transparent window shade website with over 25 years experience in making custom transparent tinted roller shades for homes and offices and industry.

These professional grade transparent window roller shades are custom made in the United States with our clean modern style components.   They provide heat, glare and UV protection and excellent privacy for many types of situations.  These attractive transparent film window roller shades are made of durable 4mil transparent mylar polyester film, about as thick as a business card.  Built with an aluminum tubing roller core that is manually controlled with a durable American made clutch and beaded chain or 110v or 12v motorized rollers and remote controls.  Roll down as needed or roll up partially or completely out of view, with or without a custom valance, of which we have a variety.  We use stylish clean modern commercial components unlike other types that have old fashion looking components.  These tinted roller shades are durable enough for commercial applications and yet elegant enough for your home and office.

These transparent window shades use metalized films that block solar heat during summer and retain radiant heat inside the building during cold weather, just like window insulation films.  More benefits include privacy, comfort, clean appearance and protecting your floors and furnishings from harmful UV damage.  When you compare the cost of your transparent roller shades with all of the benefits they provide you will see how these modern transparent window shades could easily be your very best home or business investment.

Owners of data centers have reported that installing transparent metalized window shades to their windows has actually reduced their summer air cooling bills by 25% to 50% due to the improved window insulation, and on cool days they can roll them up and out of the way!

These transparent window shades are the best professional grade American made transparent window film roller shades for home and office and industry.  Satisfaction guaranteed!

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Roller Shades
Our quality roller shades have stylish modern trim suitable with fine decor.

Marine Grade
We fabricate for many types of ships bridges and inter-modal cabs.

Control Towers
FAA approved motorized roller shades for airports and other control towers.

Heavy Equip
Big equipment operators use these type shades for for heat and glare control.