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Solarfilm Company is an authorized dealer for major U.S. window film manufacturers and window shade fabricators, providing our customers with the best quality window window coverings available at affordable prices.  We ship daily to the U.S., Canada, and many locations around the world, including military AP and FPO.  Military installations and correctional facilities often purchase our products because they meet the highest quality standards in the industry.

Solarfilm Company specializes in personalized customer service in the form of do-it-yourself assistance and technical support.  We are not trying to be the world’s largest window film dealer – just the best window film supplier, with the best products, best prices, and best customer service.  We are proud of our track record of solving window insulation, glare, security and privacy issues.

Using statistics we have calculated how much energy could be saved by reducing the U.S. indoor heating and cooling energy demands by a modest 20% and the results were shocking!  We can save hundreds of millions of barrels of oil each year by just retro-fitting our existing windows using these modern heat insulating window products!

Solarfilm Company’s mission is to help make this energy saving vision a reality by offering our customers a great selection of products, accompanied with our renowned customer service, so that you can do a great job installing your own professional quality films and shades.

Over the past 20 years we we have helped thousands of people to do it themselves.  We know you’ll be delighted with our products, not only because of the economic and health benefits, but also because of the comfort level that will enhance your family's quality of life.  Our goal is to make this technology with all its inherent benefits available to as many people as possible, while helping our planet move closer to energy sustainability.

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Roller Shades
Our quality roller shades have stylish modern trim suitable with fine decor.

Marine Grade
We fabricate for many types of ships bridges and inter-modal cabs.

Control Towers
FAA approved motorized roller shades for airports and other control towers.

Heavy Equip
Big equipment operators use these type shades for for heat and glare control.