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What about window tint and UV ray protection?

All our films have the UV inhibitors in the lamination, so all of our films have the same UV reduction properties.  We can safely claim that all of our films keep out 95%+ of the UV rays.  Most films actually keep out approx. 98% of the UV when combined with the properties of the glass, as regular glass keeps out a small percentage by itself.  We are talking about UVA and UVB radiation, there is a third kind, UVC, but the Earth's atmosphere blocks that out so it never reaches us.

Is there a temporary window film?

Our experience has shown us that the removable vinyl films available at some discount stores are a waste of money.  We have roll down shades made of high quality pigmented mylar.  They are custom made for us by a factory that supplies airport control towers.  They are beautifully made and are popular in homes and commercial establishments.  They can be made with a bead and chain control like vertical blinds. If you would like an estimate and samples we will be glad to help you, just send us an email or call us at 1-808-238-5634.

What's the difference between heat reflected and heat rejected?

Reflected refers to how much heat is reflected.
Rejected refers to how much total heat is blocked.
Some heat is absorbed into the glass (absorbed + reflected = rejected).


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Roller Shades
Our quality roller shades have stylish modern trim suitable with fine decor.

Marine Grade
We fabricate for many types of ships bridges and inter-modal cabs.

Control Towers
FAA approved motorized roller shades for airports and other control towers.

Heavy Equip
Big equipment operators use these type shades for for heat and glare control.