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How to Measure Your Windows for Roller Shades

Measuring Tips

Window coverings industry standard of measurement is inches

Accuracy:  Only As Good As Your Measurements
  • Precise measurements are necessary not only to position a shade but also to custom fabricate it.
  • Dimensions must be absolutely correct for the shade to properly fit the window opening.
  • The most important part of the job is getting your measurements correct!

1. Use a metal ruler or tape measure and get a helper if needed

2. Measure In Inches Only windows are not measured in feet

3. Window Industry uses Width First and Height Second

Rounding Your Measurements

Dimensions on your order should be accurate to within 1/8″.  With inside mounts always round down to the nearest 1/8″, rounding up could result in a shade that is too wide to fit within the window opening.  For example, 3/16″ would round down to 2/16″, which is 1/8″.

1. Use a metal ruler or tape measure, get a helper if needed.
2. MEASURE IN INCHES ONLY, windows are not measured in feet.
3. Refer to the width dimension first and height dimension second.
4. Call us at 1-808-238-5634 if you have any questions.

Measuring the Width

Inside Bracket Mounting
Measure the exact distance between the points where the brackets are to be placed, inside the window casement.  (We will make allowance for bracket clearance.)  MEASURE TOP, MIDDLE AND BOTTOM, CHECKING FOR SMALLER WIDTHS.

Outside Bracket Mounting
Measure between the points where the brackets are to be placed.  It is recommended that the brackets be placed to allow 1/2″ to 2″ overlap on each side of the casement.

Measuring the Length
Measure the full height of your window opening from top frame to lower sill.  (We will add 12″ to your measurement.)  This extra 12″ is the “safety margin” to permit the shade to be drawn full length with no danger of it being torn from the roller.

To Replace Old Shades
Measure your old roller, not the cloth, from the outside edge of one metal cap to the other and specify “Tip to Tip”, then measure the window opening height next.

How to Mount Window ShadesMeasuring for Inside Mount

First measure the width inside the window opening at the top, middle and bottom.  Then measure the height inside the window opening at the left and right.  Simply order the narrowest width measurement and the longest height measurement.  (Review paragraph on rounding measurements.)

How to Mount Window ShadesMeasuring for Outside Mount

First measure the desired width and height.  To minimize light leakage, we recommend that the shade should overlap the opening at least 2″ on each side and at the bottom.  When measuring height, take into account the requirements for the mounting brackets.

Remember to measure carefully – get some help if necessary!

Need assistance?  Call us at 1-808-238-5634

Email your questions to:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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