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Control Tower Roller Shades

  • Our custom shades materials meet FAA and Military Specifications
  • Offering both manual and motorized shades and full tech support
  • Approx. estimated life span of 10yrs with normal daily operation
  • Custom Roll-Ease clutches are the industry's highest quality
  • We can also re-manufacture your existing shades if desired

Transparent window shades are a vital part of air traffic control safety and these are manufactured in full compliance with current FAA/U.S. military specifications. They have been designated by the FAA and U.S. military as required safety equipment for all ATC towers and are to be installed on "all exposures of the cab" (U.S. Army FM 3-04.303 and FAA-ANI-300-380/FAA 12 24 12). They are also included in the the US NAVY T.I.P. (Tower Improvement Program).

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Roller Shades
Our quality roller shades have stylish modern trim suitable with fine decor.

Marine Grade
We fabricate for many types of ships bridges and inter-modal cabs.

Control Towers
FAA approved motorized roller shades for airports and other control towers.

Heavy Equip
Big equipment operators use these type shades for for heat and glare control.