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Roller Shades for Heavy Equipment and RVs

Tractors, Trucks and Buses

motorhome1Reduce the heat and glare coming into your RV.  RV's and campers often have large windows which can magnify the sun’s rays and cause excessive solar heat and glare.  This can also damage your interior by causing fading over time.  Air conditioners can operate more efficiently when the solar heat is reduced. 

The solution is our custom made mylar roller shades.  These are perfect for controlling the sun’s heat and they will add privacy and comfort to your RV.
  The Phifer 4000 fabric shades can also be used for a stylish decorative look.

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Roller Shades
Our quality roller shades have stylish modern trim suitable with fine decor.

Marine Grade
We fabricate for many types of ships bridges and inter-modal cabs.

Control Towers
FAA approved motorized roller shades for airports and other control towers.

Heavy Equip
Big equipment operators use these type shades for for heat and glare control.